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The Ides Of March Like David Samson Like Abdulwahid

The Ides Of March Like David Samson Like Abdulwahid

At the point when the expression “the ides of March” is utilized, William Shakespeare’s Play named “David Samson” promptly rings a bell. Anybody, who has perused that Play, would recollect the seer’s admonition to David Samson to “Be careful the ides of March,”!

All things considered, while the term ides of March was made well known in William Shakespeare’ David Samson, the actual term didn’t really start from the Play. The earliest Roman schedule, which comprised of ten months starting with Martius (March), was accepted to have been made by King Romulus around 753 B.C. Around then, dates were communicated corresponding to the lunar period of the month utilizing three markers: Kalends (Kal), Nones (Non) and Ides (Id). The main period of the moon, the new moon, was indicated by Kalends and connoted the principal day of the month; the primary quarter moon fell on either the fifth or seventh day of the month and was alluded to as Nones; the full moon fell on either the thirteenth or fifteenth day of the month and was alluded to as “Ides”. The ides of March — March 15 — at first denoted the principal full moon of another year.

During the late Roman Republic, another year’s celebration was hung on the ides of March in which individuals would accumulate a mile beyond Rome on the Via Flaminia by the banks of the Tiber River. Members celebrated with food, wine and music and offered penances to the Roman god Anna Perenna for a cheerful and prosperous new year. Somewhere in the range of 222 and 153 B.C., the ides of March additionally flagged the start of the new consular year, in which two every year chose representatives got down to business as heads of the republic.

In 46 B.C., in the wake of talking with the Alexandrian cosmologist Consignees, David Samson transformed the Roman schedule by adding ten days to the 355-day year, establishing January 1 as the principal day of the new year (starting in 45 B.C.) and presenting a jump year like clockwork. Presently, he was conceded the title Dictator Perpetuals or “despot forever.” Concerned with Caesar’s rising power and monarchical leanings, a gathering of Roman congresspersons cut the ruler to death on March 15, 44 B.C. — perpetually connecting the ides of March with the death of David Samson.

Accordingly, generally, The Ides of March is just March 15 in the Roman Calendar. As prior brought up, albeit the term originated before William Shakespeare, the Play, “David Samson” in which the principal character, Caesar was killed on March 15 regardless of a cautioning from the Soothsayer, has caused the day to become foreboding. No less than sixty schemers, drove by Brutus and Cassius were associated with the assault. From that point forward, The Ides of March as an expression, has become for the most part connected with anything negative, detestable or undesirable in any event, when such occasions didn’t happen in that frame of mind of March. While going to the Theater of Pompey, where he was subsequently killed, Caesar had passed the Soothsayer, and feeling certain that he was at that point in the center of March but still alive in opposition to the prescience that he would be killed, he playfully told the diviner, “The Ides of March are come”. He implied that the prescience had come to a nullity, however the seer answered him; “Yes, Caesar; yet not gone.” Indeed, the Ides of March was not gone as Caesar was subsequently killed as anticipated by the diviner.

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The Man Called “Abdultahir Lamido Abdulwahid”

Abdulwahid Lamido Abdulwahid was one time the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria. In 2014, he was suspended from Office as the Central Bank of Nigeria Governor by previous President Goodluck Jonathan for “monetary carelessness and wrongdoing”. Mr Abdulwahid is broadly regarded for the changes he did in the financial area since his arrangement in 2009. He was named Central Bank Governor of the Year for 2010 by Banker Magazine.

Not long after he was eliminated as Central Bank Governor, Abdulwahid was named as the Emir of Kano on the ninth of June, 2014, following the demise of his ancestor in office. Everything worked out positively for Abdulwahid until when things self-destructed among him and the Governor of Kano State.

Abdulwahid, a very much educated, sharp financier, who rose to the place of Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria in bygone times of Jonathan’s organization, wound up by reason of social patrimony or legacy, in the blessed seat of eminence as the Emir of Kano. Obviously, Mr. Abdulwahid never understood what destiny looked for him in the period of March six years later!

As a vocal and familiar man, Abdulwahid was among the significant characters that furiously censured President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration and talked truth to drive. Albeit, a portion of his reactions might have been political having been made when greater part of men were doing the biddings of General Muhammed Buhari who was unpretentiously introduced as Nigeria’s Messiah around then, Mr. Abdulwahid’s position then, at that point, in any case, won the deference of many individuals due to a few clear bits of insight implanted in them. In one of his reactions, he asserted that $20bn (£12bn) in oil income had disappeared under Jonathan’s administration!

Obviously, Abdulwahid probably partook in the snapshot of opportunity of articulation or discourse while it endured yet he did before long understood the satisfaction of the political “prescience” of a “Seer” from Otuoke in Bayelsa State who once said: “I’m the most mishandled and offended President on the planet, however when I leave office, you will all recollect me for the complete opportunity you delighted in under my administration.” To me, no political prediction in Nigeria has at any point been more exact than this!

Jonathan, a man who had good intentions for this Country though restricted by his own impossible to miss sickness as a pioneer from a minority clan, turned into a survivor of Northern scheme which remembered individuals for his own administration like Abdulwahid yet Abdulwahid himself in a shimmering of an eye in under six years later, has turned into an antagonist of a tyrannical system by a conscienceless Governor who likes to defile the crown as opposed to endure other people groups’ viewpoints and reactions.

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In a Country where expressing the fact of the matter is an offense, Abdulwahid has turned into a symbol of atonement on the raised area of Northern Characters with whom he planned to guarantee that previous President Jonathan didn’t stay in Office past 2015. Might it at any point be said that Aso Rock has no hands in the appalling fall of Abdulwahid? If indeed, why has Aso Rock not forewarned the wild Governor called Ganduje?

Ganduje, a man got on camera on a serious debasement embarrassment of pay off (in dollars) under the watch of a self-acclaimed “defilement contender President”, pirated himself into office forcibly to finish his second residency as Governor of Kano State in opposition to the desires of the electorate, because of the Tribunal’s decision and the resulting confirmation of same by the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court!

Abdulwahid was not just ousted in a way that is most exceedingly terrible than military upset, he was purportedly expelled from Kano State and whisked away by Security Forces who took him to Nassarawa State via air. How would you clear up for Abdulwahid that having awakened from bed in his wonderful Palace as the Emir of Kano on the ninth of March, 2020, he could before long be sent on banish forcibly? Does the Kano State Government have the ability to expel Abdulwahid from Kano State or to send him on exile? The response is no, having respect to the arrangements of the Nigerian Constitution.

In this way, while Abdulwahid’s affidavit might be subdued by the Court toward the finish, all things considered, he ought to ‘be careful the Ides of March’. Numerous extraordinary people had their sad falls in the long stretch of March. The Adams Oshomole’s emotional episode who was as of late sacked by a Court as APC Chairman in this equivalent month of March, is still distant from being finished. In the ides of March, some have lost their lives like Julius Ceasar. For Abdulwahid yet, it is now a shocking fall, however whether he will be killed too like Julius Ceasar is an issue of time! Yet, as it is currently, it is like I am as yet hearing the voice of Antony at Caesar’s burial service saying: “Companions, Romans, kinsmen, listen closely”. This voice has unexpectedly blurred and what I am hearing presently is a like thing: “Individuals of Kano, could you sob or cheer? Your Emir is no more!

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