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The Etymological And Logical Truth About Responsibility for Ajaokuta

The Etymological And Logical Truth About Responsibility for Ajaokuta

History is the accessible data about the past to direct us in the lead of the undertakings of the present and help us in rebuilding what’s to come. History, nonetheless, doesn’t lie however people lie in that frame of mind of their own set of experiences (Khalid Yasin, 2005). Along these lines, Nelson Mandela believed that a man without the feeling of history resembles a man without eyes and ears.

Movement and Settlement

We ask the perusers of this article to process this with a receptive outlook as understudies of verifiable facts.To this closures, setting opinion to the side, both oral practice and set up accounts teamed up each other that the predecessors of Ebiras around Niger-Benue juncture hailed from the old Jukun Kwararafa realm.

The Ebira public had their starting point from Yemen and settled first at Wukari at the Kwararafa Kingdom of the current day Jukun people group in Taraba state, Nigeria. The Ebira people group left Jukun around 1700 to Idah part of the present Kogi state. Be that as it may, When they started things out to Idah, they met the Igala realm previously settled with Kinship structure, with the rule of the Atta of Igala (Ogido, 2004).

The Igalas also had before the Ebiras moved from Jukun to get comfortable their current pivot of Kogi state before the appearance of Ebiras.

Atta in Igala language signifies ‘father’, of which It was the name given to the old Atta lord of the Igala realm. In any case, the Ebiras likewise acquired the title ‘Atta’ from the Igala nation following a century that the Igalas had been utilizing it.

At the point when the Ebiras relocated from the Idah Kingdom of Igala land, after a political clash among Igalas and the Ebiras in 1750, the Ebiras move to Itobe part of the River Benue, a six kilometer stroll to the current day Ajaokuta.

History, as per Salihu Ogido in his book “Authority and Crisis in Ebiraland”, shows that there have been essential for the Igalas that settled around the Ajaokuta/Itobe waterway rine. These couple of Igalas who had additionally settled around this area are anglers of which they offer fish to the Ebiras and other adjoining pioneers and clans.

Nonetheless, the Igalas named the fish market after the close by as AJAOKUTA. ‘AJA’ in Igala language implies market while OKUTA implies stone. By the reasonable strict understanding of the inferred word, Ajaokuta, it implies a market close to stone. As of now, the Ebiras were trackers and champions (Ogido:2004:6-7).

Ogido was anyway of the assessment that the Ebiras were quick to settle at Itobe/Ajaokuta (ette ube) under the authority of the then Atta of Igala land. To this closures, as opposed to the bogus case of Ebiras that Aja-Ekuda was the implying that the Ebiras had then given to the present Ajaokuta couldn’t hold a stand.

To Ahmadu:1974, when the Ebiras moved from Idah to Itobe, the Ebiras were one individuals then, however on getting to Itobe (ette ube), Some of the Ebiras drew a division and differ to follow the present Ebira Opete to cross the stream for settlement in the current day Ebira Opete.

The division happened that the present Ebira toto of Nasarawa state moved from Itobe interestingly to get comfortable Nasarawa state. The Ebira Umaisha additionally differ to follow Ebira Opete to cross the waterway for settle and move likewise to Nasarawa state.The Ebira Abaji additionally moved from here to FCT, Abuja for a similar explanation. The Ebira igara (Etuno) consented to cross the River for settlement with Ebira Opete however later subsequent to crossing the stream with the current day Ebira Opete, they further moved for settlement in Etuno of the current Edo state. Ebira Mozum, Ebira Igu (Koton Karfe) and Ebira Opete are found in the present Kogi state (Ahmadu refered to in Ogido: 2004).

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Adayi Ebira

The accessible reality about Adayi Ebira is that ‘Ebira’ as we probably are aware today is the name of our most memorable dad Adayi Ebira who previously moved from Jukun as a feature of the minority bunch then in the Wukari of the Kwararafa realm in the present Jukun of Taraba State. He then, at that point, moved to the present Ebiraland and got hitched to Onyi – Ayi-Ebira. Adayi Ebira has five offspring of which the first was Adavi, trailed by Eganyi, trailed by Okehi, trailed by Okengwe and Ihima as the last offspring of Ebira.

Nonetheless, Onyi-Ayi Ebira the spouse to Adayi Ebira later resided with her last conceived and passed on in Ihima where she was likewise covered. The spouse Adayi-Ebira likewise passed on and covered at Eganyi part of Ebiraland. Notwithstanding, before his passing, he has likewise lived and gotten comfortable Etuno a piece of Edo state (Otaru A, 1984).

The Ownership of Ajaokuta and Lokoja Land; Available Evidence

There is a laid out reality that the issue of Ajaokuta land possession has never been appropriately tended to and allotted in count before the last instance of June 2020 between the Atta Igala land and the Federal Government over the land proprietorship. A piece of the significant proof introduced in the court by the Atta of Igala land was that;

“The Igalas were the most established individuals originally found in the present kogi map, they have been an in the area before Ebiras relocated from Jukun to their current area. Nonetheless, in 1841, the Atta of Igala rent the Ajaokuta land to the British Colonialists for their organization and the British paid to them the award of cowries and vowed to restore after a legally binding term. Sadly in 1931 i.e after 90years, the British need to restore the land however they didn’t and left. For such a long time, they had permitted Ebiras to likewise extend in the land and presently they have come to take what etymologically have a place with them” (Atta of Igala in FHC, June 2020).

From the abovementioned, the Federal Government couldn’t create an adequate record to counter or go against this case by the Atta of Igala and the court anyway needed to decide over such case.

What Evidence Does Ebiras Hold in Regard to This?

It is basic to realize that the discussion maybe over the responsibility for land today was lamented by the provincial experts and the new re-foundation by the FG for the beginning of the Steel Company.

The British authorities while leaving and emptying the land after 1931 gave the land records and the legally binding archives to the Atta of Ebiraland, Alhaji Ibrahim Onoru-Oiza as maybe the proprietor of the land.

This was finished by the British colonialist maybe because of the way that the Ebiras overwhelmed the land as at then and that the Ebiras have had the option to lay out the Unification King which was the Ohinoyi Ibrahim Onoru-oiza.

These reports anyway were given again and again from one age of Ohinoyi to the present Alhaji Ado Ibrahim (The Ohinoyi of Ebiraland).

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From the practice of the British colonialists, then, whoever they allotted land to or gave land report naturally acquires the land (Salami S, 2008).

In 1946, when Arthur Richard turned into the Governor General of Nigeria, he split Nigeria into three districts of North, East and West. At this period, Okene Local government and Ajaokuta were essential for the North, while the present Kogi East which is the Igala hub have a place with the Eastern Nigeria (Eluwa and etal, 1987).

From the similarity of Eluwa and etal, in the event that the Igalas are guaranteeing the Ajaokuta according to verifiable points of view, the Fulanis can too guarantee the entire Nigeria as they were the main arrangement of individuals who moved to this region of the planet.

Albeit, the case of the Atta of Igala might be exceptionally right to have rented the land to the British colonialists in 1841 from authentic record and viewpoint yet the truth of the matter is that, that verifiable records of Igala people group can’t drop the Richard constitution of 1946 that designated Ajaokuta and Okene hub then toward the Northern piece of Nigeria neither could the Igala verifiable records of land proprietorship at any point drop the 1976 Local Government Reform by General Olusegun Obasanjo that made Okene/Ajaokuta Local government as one out of 1976.

On the other hand, there is an idea which expresses that the main individuals to have gotten comfortable a land or a region claims the land or the region yet this shouldn’t nullify the public authority rules and land strategy which likewise expresses that all land has a place with the public authority and a similar government has made Ajaokuta/Okene as a feature of kogi Central and not Kogi East in 1976.

Does it mean the public authority was off-base during this statement? Assuming the public authority currently concede that they were inappropriate to have considered Ajaokuta as a feature of Kogi Central, then, at that point, legislature of Nigeria are the most confounded government in the World as they should return to change and rebuild the 1976 nearby government change once more however surely the public authority will not do such on the grounds that it will create more land debates in the country.

Still according to the lawful point of view, it very well might be thought that the contention over the responsibility for place where there is Ajaokuta emerged because of the regular assets found there which is the Iron and steel organization which is going to appropriately initiate working.

The Legal Maxim “Quic quid Plantatur Solo Cedit” and that signifies; “what at any point is appended to the land has a place with individuals of that land”. As in regular assets and others, subsequently the case of the/a land emerged (Malcolm B,1970).

For those that accept as a proof that the River has isolated or partitioned the Igalas and the Ebiras is informal. The water can’t be utilized by the Ebiras by any means as a proof that the Ajaokuta land has a place with the Ebiras. The motivation behind why this can’t hold a stand is that it is unlawful and counter-intuitive. It isn’t obviously expressed according to verifiable point of view that a local area can’t get over a water to claim a land.

For example, the Ebira Toto of Nasarawa state has in history move over to Nasarawa from Ebira Opete and Itobe to claim a land in the present Nasarawa state. The Ebira Toto are currently native individuals of Nasarawa and do partake in every one of the privileges as resident around there (Isiaq A, 2008).

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For those that additionally accept that the Igalas were under the Benue before the production of Kogi state, While Ajaokuta and Okene were under Kwara state what’s more, why then would they guarantee the responsibility for land. This likewise is definitely not a significant proof on the grounds that the Igalas were as yet based and lived in their current area of Idah, Itobe, Anyigba and some portion of Ajaokuta in any event, when the Igalas were in Benue. It isn’t so much that that they were driven away from Benue state and afterward relocated to their current area of Kogi state. They have been in their current area since around 1650.

The Landscape of Lokoja

Individuals of Ebira wants to sit quiet about the genuine responsibility for. The explanation is that there is not really an accessible archive that make sense of the legitimate possession. Nonetheless, the oral portrayal as per the Ebiras is that the Ebira land closes at the current Armed force Dormitory in Lokoja and numerous Ebira legislators and educationists consented to this idea. That is, Adavi and Okehi land end at the Encampment besides there would be a report to validate an opposite assessment.

The Ebira Opete has no land in Koton Karfe pivot of kogi state yet just piece of Lokoja. In this way, the Igalas guarantee over the Koton Karfe land and huge part of Lokoja might be less validated by the Ebira Opete if the Ebira Opete also has any desire to guarantee the legitimate proprietorship besides by and large.


History has shown that the Igalas and the Ebiras have kept a cheerful and quiet relationship and concurrence since from the Jukun in the present Taraba state before the two of them relocated to their current area.

This quiet concurrence for quite a while made the Ebiras explicitly Ozumi of the Ogu tribe to get the disguise called “Ibagi” from the Igala realm. As a matter of fact, all masquerades today in Ebiraland were duplicated from the Igala realm. The Atta as appropriately involved today in Ebiraland was additionally duplicated from the Igala Realm. The Ebiras occupation then were basically hunting, heroes and winding while the Igalas were anglers and finance managers.

The Ebiras first name Itobe region as ‘ette ube’ which means place that is known for trackers while the Igalas name Ajaokuta from their words ‘Aja’ which means market and ‘okuta’ which additionally implies stone. The Igalas have the Itobe named by the Ebiras and the Ebiras have the Ajaokuta named by the Igalas, what a characteristic incongruity or incongruity of experience.

Indeed, even the Atta Omadivi as guaranteed by the Ogu tribe of Ebira individuals was additionally replicated as history has shown us that Atta has no significance in Ebira except for has importance in Igala which signifies “Father”.

The way that the Igalas have maybe first lived and gotten comfortable this piece of the nation isn’t enough as a significant proof to guarantee the responsibility for yet rather the proof above from the public authority of Richard constitution of 1946, the Nearby Government Change of 1976 and Legitimate point of view as well as the English explanations behind likely giving over the legally binding reports to the Ebiras after 1931 would endure for an extremely long period.

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