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Legend Of Ozi-Uka And Oda-Ehebe Ruling Houses

Legend Of Ozi-Uka And Oda-Ehebe Ruling Houses

Many records of memorable occasions in Nigeria are orally passed down to ages. Thus, there are numerous renditions of related stories with unaccounted for pieces. Consequently, the requirement for generational conservation through recorded history.


Ozi-Uka is a local area of Igala talking locals in Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria.

The significance of Ozi-Uka: A word is a portrayal of thought, thought or picture. For instance, when one says Apple, one is fundamentally portraying what an apple is – its actual properties, appearance, taste and so on. One may not unequivocally say apple is sweet or red however those pictures strike a chord regardless.

Subsequently, it progressively becomes hard to comprehend somebody or a few messages when one doesn’t comprehend the importance of few words as one can’t envision the thought addressed by the word.

As per oral practice, Ozi-Uka gets its name from “Amane Ajelo’ che”. In Idoma saying. Significance in Igala Language, “Emanen edugw’ One? Also, in English: “you don’t give what you don’t have”. It is said back then, when Attah sent charge gatherers to the area to gather burdens, the normal reaction from the indigenes was: “Amane Ajelo’che in Idoma proverb, Meaning, “you don’t give what you don’t have” which was subsequently tainted to “Ozi-Uka” for all intents and purposes till date.

As indicated by history, Ozi-Uka administering houses are immediate relatives of Atiyele, the principal child of HRM Ata Idoko.

As a Prince and oldest child of his dad, Atiyele loved everything about Igala establishment. For example, history has it that, as the oldest child and champion, he battled the Jukun war, saw the memorable heavenly entombment of his sister Oma Odoko who was covered at the bank of Inachalo waterway in Idah. He helped his dad HRM Idoko in the development of Igala realm and other managerial parts of the realm.

It happened, Ata Idoko, fell wiped out! It was what was happening as Ata Idoko could never again work in his line of obligation as Chief overseer of the realm because of his ailment. As the oldest child, Atiyele was responsible for the entire issues of Igala realm instead of his dad. These and a considerable lot of his (Atiyele) takes advantage of and gifted administrative abilities brought him foes from individuals from the illustrious family, including his step moms and step siblings.

On this game changing day, he went for his typical hunting, his wiped out father (Ata Idoko) kicked the bucket. Note, back then, a tracker could go through days and months hunting. During this period, Igala country was at battle with the Jukun over realm incomparability in a manner of speaking then, at that point. Because of the conflict, it was said that the kingmakers were of the assessment that Ata ought to be supplanted promptly with Ayegba (one of the accessible children) before the insight about his passing spread to the adversary’s camp.

While different records has it that it resembled a royal residence upset by the then kingmakers who feared the developing and wild impact of Atiyele, who because of his insight and rich information on the Igala establishment, was practically similar to another Ata. They plotted and guaranteed he didn’t succeed climbing the high position of his dad. Before he showed up from the chase, the entire cycle was raced to guarantee Ayegba is delegated Ata in the spot of Atiyele.

On arriving at home, it was what was happening for Atiyele who felt profoundly humiliated and purposely bamboozled. It turned out to be, consequently, a twofold aggravation of losing his dad, and as the main child, the aggravation of losing the crown.

In fight, Atiyele relocated from Idah to Ozi-Uka in the mid fifteenth hundred years, where he laid out another Kingdom free of Idah so to speak then, at that point.

The Oda-Ehebe Ruling Houses in Ozi-Uka initially

The Oda Ojiji administering houses are offsprings of an eminent Prince of Igala Kingdom from Idah, base camp of Igala realm.

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Oral practice, as given over from ages, has it that Atiyele is the forebear of the 5 decision places of the Oda Ojiji chiefdom as by and by comprised. Atiyele’s projeny at present standards Ozi-Uka, Ankpa, Igah in Okpo, some portion of Ade, part of Ette, Ojoku, Enjema, Inye and so forth.

Legend likewise goes that, when Atiyele moved from Idah, he got to a specific spot, Omelewu Agaliga, where he was supposed to rest under a tree “Odah”, while the offspring of the proprietor of the ranch, Otoko, came to bring natural products. They saw a man, Atiyele, with imperial veil (Ejubejuailo) and globules on his wrist, the kids ran home with dread and called their dad. Their dad followed them quickly to the shrub. Quickly Atiyele saw Otoko, he started to commend him with Igala: “Ajode-oche” i.e “the tracker”, then Otoko answered with Odah Ojiji Kidigbili. He made sense of the circumstance encompassing his meandering in the shrub to Otoko and his family and they thus invited the illustrious blood home in joy. From that point on, the name Oda Ojiji was begat for the Prince and he was subsequently introduced as lord of the local area. He was made to live at the focal point of the local area.

History has it that Atiyele didn’t relocate to Ozi-Uka alone, he showed up with his youngsters among which are: Idoko Ejeh, the principal child; Oguchekwo the subsequent child and Ochapa, the third child.

Oguchekwo, the more youthful sibling of Idoko Eje, was the pioneer behind the current day Ankpa. His more youthful sibling, Ochapa established Ojoku while their senior sibling, Idoko Eje later set wedded and had the accompanying youngsters up of position: Ohimu, Idede, Okolikotu, Aloga, Oyunka, All the three (3) kids, from Idede, Okolikotu and Aloga, are of a similar dad and mother. While Ohiemu and Oyunka then again have similar guardians (mother and father ) as well.

Nonetheless, the five (5) offspring of Idoko Ejeh are presently spread as follows: Ohiemu, Agaliga; Idede, Ojuwo down to Ogenago; Okorikotu, Under Okolikotu we have Adori (Oforo), Idede (Ofudu), Akor (Oja Oda-ochai), Ojobi (Efekpe), Oda Itodo (Efekpe); Aloga, Ebuloko and Onyuka, Abo.

Note, Okorikotu had seven (7) youngsters. They are: Adori, Idede, Akor, Ojobi, Oda Itodo, Oguche and Onyeke. The initial five (5) are from Anukpa, their mom, while then again, Oguche (Efo-Achipu) and Onyeke (Efofe) are two kin from Odeba an Ette lady.

Additionally note that Ojobi, which is the Clan I come from, had six (6) youngsters and they are: Ojobi, the primary child named after his dad Ojobi; Otu, which is my immediate genealogy: I am Felix Solomon Omachoko my dad is Felix, Felix is the child of Igoh, Igoh the child of Ochai, Ochai the child of Udeh, Udeh the child of Ocheme, Ocheme the child of Akor, Akor the child of Adu and Adu the child of Otu, Otu the child of Okolikotu, Okolikotu the child of Idokoo Eje, Idoko Eje the child of Atiyele, Atiyele the child of Ata Idoko, Ata Idoko the child of Ata Aganapoje, Ata Aganapoje the child of Abutu, Abutu the child of Ejeh and so on.

On similar Ojobi faction we have: Agada, Ohiemu, Oma Dele and Abidu.

It is essential to take note of that Ojobi had three (3) spouses among which Abudo brought forth four (4) kids to be specific: Ojobi, the primary child who was named after the dad; Otu; Agada and Ohiemu. While then again, Ikoh brought forth the fifth child, Abidu and Ojoma brought forth the sixth child, Oma Dele.

It is critical to likewise take note of that the present Orokam, a town in Ogbadibo LGA of Benue State of Nigeria, was established by the relatives of Ohiemu the primary child of Idoko Eje. Keep in mind, Idoko Ejeh was the primary child of Atiyele, the senior sibling of Attah Ayegba Oma-Idoko. They talk both Igala and Idoma impeccably. In this manner, both Dr Ayegba S Ayegba and Dr. Minister Paul Eneche are of Ohiemu – Idoko Eje – Atiyele ancestry.

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The five decision houses in Ozi-Uka today are the immediate relatives of Atiyele and the follow by any Ozi-Uka man to the privileged position in Idah can be connected to Ata Idoko who was the dad of Atiyele and his more youthful sibling Ata Ayegba Oma Idoko. Each Ata after Ayegba were his direct descedants.

At a time, Atiyele was the Odah Ojiji of Ozi-Uka and his more youthful sibling, Ayegba was the Ata of Idah. The realm was separated into two yet bound together during the Igala/Bini battle with Idah being prevalent. However, as an honorable gesture for his senior sibling around then, the two men were on their privileged positions. Ata Ayegba never permitted Atiyele, the Odah Ojiji of Ozi-Uka, to stand up from his high position or bow to welcome him as the Ata of Igala, an honor delighted in by just the Ojiji of Ozi-Uka till the cutting edge time. That was the reason during the pioneer time frame and Igala Native Authority when region heads were presented on some other locale, the Odah Ojiji of Ozi-Uka had the intriguing honor to twofold as both the fundamental ruler and the area head of Ozi-Uka.

In late history, when Attah Aliyu Obaje visited Ozi-Uka in organization of Governor Abubakar Audu, both of favored memory, the Odah Ojiji Suleiman Okeme Ifiene endeavored to represent him to welcome. Ata Aliyu Obaje kept up with the old practice and convinced the Ojiji to stay on his seat.

As would be natural for him “Ojiji Ki’idigbili, agba nago, gwane, gwane, gwane nago”. As I prior said, Anukpa and Odeba were the two spouses of Okolikotu. Anukpa was the senior and her relatives are the Amoma Anukpa family comprised of Efekpe, Ogili, Ajo-Odachai, Oforo and some piece of Ofudu while, Odeba the more youthful spouse hailed from Eteh and brought forth Onyeke and Oguche thus, the motto Ozi-Uka Oleteh.

The Onyeke bunch as of now possess Efofe. Furthermore, Oguche faction, at Efachipu. while the Aoma Ochimane then again broaden their hands of relationship and shared concurrence to give out their little girl Anukpa to Okolikotu, the child of Idoko Eje, for marriage.

In the times past, if something awful or peculiar occurred in Ozi-Uka people group, it was ochimane tribe that will play out the conventional customs to scrub the hazard out of the local area. They are likewise honored with some expert home grown practice that fix ailment, for example, break, snake chomp and so on.

Christianity and Islam in Ozi-Uka

As per Ali Yakubu Salihu, “Islam came to Ozi-Uka through a Hausa researcher from Kano named Mallam Balarabe through Ameh Akpa who settled at Mabenyi Ododa Ozi-Uka. Then, at that point, a few native researchers; Alhaji Adamu Ameloko Odah, Mallam Shaibu Egbo, Mallam Shaibu Ochai and Mallam Yusuf Ameh got back from Aloko for Islamic instruction. Alhaji Adamu, the principal child of Ameloko Odah was the main individual to perform journey to Mecca. He made the excursion by foot. Then, at that point, Alhaji Abu Ochimane and Alhaji Zakari Abdullahi got back from Lafia and utilized their encounters to spread Islam in the land.

Christianity came to Ozi-Uka through a few Christian teachers who came to advance the Christian religion, as well as Western instruction. For example, Roman Catholic Mission was presented in Ozi-Uka in mid 1940 to advance Western schooling. Individuals like Rev. Fr. Micah, Fr. Oldet, Mr Ejelu and so on, serving in Catholic Church Ozi-Uka, contributed a great deal to advancing Western schooling in Ozi-Uka.

Culture and Tradition of Ozi-Uka People

Ozi-Uka individuals are great eyewitnesses of moral morals like regard for seniors, respectable dressing, social graces, among others. The demonstration of hello is profoundly treasured among individuals. On such events, merriments are traded energetically for up to two to five minutes when two individuals meet.

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Babies from most pieces of the realm normally get three profound even cuts on each side of the face, somewhat over the edges of their mouths, as away of recognizing them. Nonetheless, because of progress such practice is turning out to be more uncommon nowadays.

Ozi-Uka individuals have a culture that has been misconstrued by a larger number of people. It is designated “Ibegwu”, scholarly importance progenitors or hereditary spirits of individuals. It is accepted that predecessors look after their descendants to prevent them from doing underhandedness like; planned murder, infidelity, inappropriate fetus removal, and so on if not, the person will be captured by Ibegwu through strange illnesses; the fix to which is public admission and execution of the fundamental ceremonies for purging.

“Ibegwu” is a familial soul in Ozi-Uka which should be visible exclusively by those that abuse the rules that everyone must follow. This has been in presence even before the fifteenth hundred years and it was organized by the principal architects of Ozi-Uka land. It was initiated for some reasons, even for all intents and purposes of advantage for all Ozi-Uka children and girls.

The regulations directing individuals and the place that is known for Ozi-Uka under the customary rulership of Oda Ojiji is exceptionally severe. Any infringement of such regulation or regulations was met with hard and serious disciplines. Accordingly, there was complete harmony in Ozi-Uka land.

Ozi-Uka individuals have bunches of social legacy which will remain always restricting on any offspring of Ozi-Uka. In the mean time, a large portion of these regulations and culture are normal regulations that guide humankind, which are likewise tracked down in the laws of Moses (Bible). However, the most serious of all that might prompt passing is the Ibegwu. Planned murder and extra-conjugal undertakings with another man’s better half and outlandish fetus removal are restrictions in Ozi-Uka land.

Aside from disciplines that adhered to the infringement of the regulations and the apprehension about the impact, the Ibegwu have frequently put each Ozi-Uka man or lady under governing rules. This regulation is restricting on all Ozi-Uka relatives even external the shores of Ozi-Uka and on any Ozi-Uka wedded lady, home or abroad.

The adorable thing about Imanians is first, their conscious nature. Affront towards seniors isn’t endured in any case among Imanians. Ozi-Uka individuals are extremely serene in nature and not agitators. For example, dissimilar to different pieces of Igala land, issues like thuggery, outfitted theft and silly killings can not be related to Ozi-Uka individuals. An Ozi-Uka man loves to be illuminated and accepts such a huge amount in training. They are an extremely unbiased individuals particularly with regards to religion. Strict feeling is the exact opposite thing you can at any point attempt to use to trick an Ozi-Uka man or lady. It doesn’t really matter to them who is a muslim or who is a christian, they accept such a great amount in strict unity and solidarity as far as possible.

Ozi-Uka individuals are extremely friendly and amusing to be with, thus their insane love for cultivating and business.

Governmental issues in Ozi-Uka

Ozi-Uka has two political wards. They are: Ozi-Uka ward one and Ozi-Uka ward two.

Ozi-Uka ward one has 22 Polling Units with towns, towns and villas encompassing the Ward. They include: Abo, Alawu, Obama-Agada, Eroke, Barracks, Ebuloko, Ede, Efachipu, Efofe, Efangele, Efekpe, Efakpa, Efiwo, Efoko-Igo, Etafo, Eteke, Ozi-Uka, Igele, Ogalole, Ogili, Ojiakpama, Oforo, Ofudu, Ajoda Ochai, Idoko-Ele, Ajitata, Inwa, Iyoko, Amobia, Ojaoguchaji, Ojamaochenje, Mabenyi 1 and 2, Achipu, Ojiegbe, Efekpo and Ojioko.

Ozi-Uka ward two has 15 surveying Units with towns, towns and villas encompassing the Ward which incorporates: Achipu, Adumu-Abo, Epunobi, Agaliga, Akpoli, Akpoloko, Amobia, Amoke, Enumena, Idekpa, Ikpoechi, Ojuwo, Okolododo, Omelewu, Ogenaga, Oloko-Agaliga lastly Utoje.

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